And This Is 2020

January 21, 2020 | By Tyler Lucas


New Year, New Season

The Beauty stole the show with her Barbara Walters getup and 2020 updates. And Xylophone. 
We got some sad news about Grey’s Anatomy and some funny news about Jillian Michaels. 


Kera Whata?

Do you know what Keratosis Pilaris is? Probably not. But chances are you have it. Like Tyler does. On his butt. What’s the solution? Well, we shared quite a number of them with you, but the official, dermatologist approved answer is – an at home scrub made with a 1:2 ratio of sugar and oil. That’s easy.
Amalactin and Gold Bond Rough and Bumpy Skin are options as well. But don’t forget your sunscreen if you decide to go that route. 
Oh, and hydrocortisone to bring down any inflammation. 
OR you could be all extra like Ashley and get a chemical peel on the back of your legs. To be precise, she had the Perfect Dermapeel at Transformed MedSpa. You can tune in to listen to her experience before, during and after. She also did one one her face – you know, the place for which these things are intended.
One of the reasons I love this woman is because she puts herself through some crazy shit and then takes pictures to share the experience with you all. Like, seriously, doesn’t this make you want a chemical peel?
Well, maybe this does. Her skin looks amazing!!

What Is the Difference Between a Tangerine and A Clementine, Anyway?

After you receive legit beauty advice from Ashley, you get some crazy cat lady non-advice from me (and Tyler). NB: all animals involved in the story are alive, well, and healing. 

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