The One That Went Off The Rails

December 2, 2019

  You know how sometimes you sit down with your best friend and she tells a funny story, which reminds you of a funny story which reminds her of a funny story, and it just continues like that for hours? Yeah. That’s this episode. We zigged. we zagged. We discussed everything except what we intended […]

He Touched My Inner Thai: The Beauty Takeover That Made Mel Go Bleep

November 23, 2019

    First, Tyler’s Birthday… OMG, You guys! Tyler turned 38, and I was suuuuuper excited to use that opportunity to beat him at his own game! I found a way to tell him about his Beer Drop subscription before his birthday. I wish I had been recording video when I pulled that off. His […]

Morning Routines

October 25, 2019

  Kill Them With Kindness…or Not. As per usual we ended our last episode with a challenge for one another. I challenged all of us to go out of our way to do something extra-kind for another person. And as per usual, I can’t say it really had the impact we wanted it to, so […]

Tat For Tit

October 1, 2019

Ashley tells Mel and Tyler about her recent lesson in nipple reconstruction.

Gettin’ Steamy

September 10, 2019

Ashley and Mel discuss their recent trip to the Korean Spa for za-hoon herbal steam treatments and nude body scrubs.

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