The Pitfall of Perfection

October 1, 2019

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone, People! So…we start this episode recapping our challenge from last episode…which didn’t go so well. Ashley had a major anxious moment and decided that our plans were a little too far out of her comfort zone to be executed in the time we gave ourselves.  So instead of trying […]

We Ate What?!?

October 1, 2019

Ashley and Mel dish about their dog food experiment.

Kill Yourself With Kindness

October 1, 2019

Mel breaks down some steps we can all take in an effort to infuse kindness into the way we regularly speak to ourselves.

Shades of Grey’s

October 1, 2019

Ashley and Mel discuss one of their biggest obsession…Grey’s Anatomy. They break down their most and least favorite episodes and how the show has affected their lives.

Tat For Tit

October 1, 2019

Ashley tells Mel and Tyler about her recent lesson in nipple reconstruction.

Gettin’ Steamy

September 10, 2019

Ashley and Mel discuss their recent trip to the Korean Spa for za-hoon herbal steam treatments and nude body scrubs.

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