Quarantine Edition #1: Still Sane

April 22, 2020 | By The Bleep

Our first quarantine episode, complete with nipple tattoos, self care tips, and a ridiculous new game. Enjoy, friends! 

From Awkward Intros to Theme Songs: A Season 1 Recap

February 27, 2020 | By Tyler Lucas

    Welp, if nothing else we’ve realized that we pick the weirdest shit to follow through on, while blowing off every project we actually thought would be valuable. No, we didn’t do something new for the first time, or actually start our days with meditation. But we sure did go all the way with […]

Driving Miss Crazy

February 3, 2020 | By The Bleep

  “Mark My Words” Ashley was the first to inform us that the eighties are making a comeback. She showed us a photo she’d taken a few days prior. She thought she looked like this: I thought she looked like this: She actually looked like this. You be the judge. Once again. Let’s all thank […]

Leaving 2019 (And Season 1!) BEHIND

January 10, 2020 | By Tyler Lucas

  Season One, Done! Welcome to the last episode of 2019, and the final episode of season one. If you’ve been around since the beginning, thanks for sticking with us! If you’re new, welcome to the shit show! More Music, and Foraged During our last episode Ashley made her Xylophone debut, which we continue to […]

What Would Thanksgiving Be Without Xylophones?

December 13, 2019 | By The Bleep

  Right off the bat, Ashley played name that tune. And at exactly one minute in, I figured out what she was playing. We’re interested to see if anyone else knows where this tune is from, or if, once again, we’re in our own little Beauty and The Bleep world over here. So please, please, […]

The One That Went Off The Rails

December 2, 2019 | By Tyler Lucas

  You know how sometimes you sit down with your best friend and she tells a funny story, which reminds you of a funny story which reminds her of a funny story, and it just continues like that for hours? Yeah. That’s this episode. We zigged. we zagged. We discussed everything except what we intended […]

Bears Don’t Have Sh*t on Ute Ute Utah

November 17, 2019 | By Tyler Lucas

A Productivity Hack From The Beaut So the majority of this episode is all about just how crazy I am. Again. But before we got into that, Ashley provided us with a  quick productivity hack. Not snoozing + no social media = higher levels of productivity Who’d have thunk it?? I mean it makes sense, […]

We’re F*%&king Crazy, Apparently

November 7, 2019 | By Tyler Lucas

So in this episode… Tyler injects me with Afrin.   We went camping.    My fear of bears is no joke. And our dog kind of looks like a bear.    Perhaps bears aren’t that scary.    In the end we learned:  DO NOT give Ashley weed. Logic always wins (unless you’re high Ashley). As […]

Morning Routines

October 25, 2019 | By Tyler Lucas

  Kill Them With Kindness…or Not. As per usual we ended our last episode with a challenge for one another. I challenged all of us to go out of our way to do something extra-kind for another person. And as per usual, I can’t say it really had the impact we wanted it to, so […]

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