Driving Miss Crazy

February 3, 2020 | By The Bleep



“Mark My Words”

Ashley was the first to inform us that the eighties are making a comeback. She showed us a photo she’d taken a few days prior. She thought she looked like this: I thought she looked like this: She actually looked like this. You be the judge. Once again. Let’s all thank her for her ability to be shameless and make us all a smile!!

(Second) Best Gift Ever

And because I don’t want her to feel alone in her shamelessness… This is what I thought I’d look like while using the awesome teeth whitening system she got me for Christmas: In reality, it’s this: (The first best gift was this sweatshirt she got me which allows me to wear my cats:)

Lesson Learned

We don’t need to go into all of the details here, but as PSA #1 I am telling everyone – don’t store your credit card info in your Wayfair account. And also, choose a hell of a password when creating said account. Mine was hacked and it turned into a saga. I did end up with a second Roomba, which would had been awesome if our house had more than one story to clean AND my card wasn’t charged $741.99 for it. PSA #2 – No complaints about the customer service from Wayfair. They were awesome.

Change is A Good Thing, Usually

I asked Ashely and Tyler to share one thing they are glad they have given up trying to change about themselves. As per usual, Tyler is perfect, so he doesn’t need to change. Whatever. Okay, that’s a little harsh. He has changed a lot of things. But he probably has never given himself such a hard time about a part of himself that he feels the need to change it, let alone later come to the conclusion that he doesn’t. Must be nice. Due to a recent health scare, Ashley has given up striving for the “perfect” body at all costs. “Costs,” in her world = the prep work that goes into physique competitions. This means removing both the idea of future competitions from her mind, and competition suits from her closet. Most women can probably relate to this one. It’s a difficult balance. We want to try to accept our imperfections for the sake of our santity. But we don’t want to give up on what we know we can potentailly accomplish. I, for one, am very inspired by this big change she chose to make. She chose her quality of life and her health over “perfection.” That ain’t an easy thing to do!! Cheers to the Beauty! And Me? I have given up on trying to keep from analyzing the shit out of my world. I know my constant need to understand everything is tiring for my little psyche, and it probably drives everyone around me nuts. But, tbh, attempting to turn off this part of my brain is more exhausting than just letting it do its thing.

Driving Miss Crazy?

And this is how the topic of today’s episode came to be. I’ve stopped trying to STOP my overthinking. Which is how I came up with what I feel is is a very good argument for attempting to curb our road rage. I’m not kidding when I say I think the key to living a happier life could truly start with simply assuming positive intent. Or at least NOT assuming negative intent. Specifically while behind the wheel. Ashley seemed neutral on this idea. She just thinks all jerk drivers have small penises OR are sleeping with someone who has one. I guess in her world that means no lesbian will never be an asshole on the road. Tyler disagrees with me. But what else is new? Take a listen and let us know if anyone else is on MY side!


Does anyone know what a compassion muscle looks like?  

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