From Awkward Intros to Theme Songs: A Season 1 Recap

February 27, 2020 | By Tyler Lucas




Welp, if nothing else we’ve realized that we pick the weirdest shit to follow through on, while blowing off every project we actually thought would be valuable. No, we didn’t do something new for the first time, or actually start our days with meditation. But we sure did go all the way with that dog food challenge. 

And without further ado a Beauty and The Bleep Season One recap (and some updates).

Episode 1

Meet Beauty and The Bleep – Don’t even bother, just skip right over. Please.

Episode 2

Gettin’ Steamy – In which we discuss steaming our vaginas. We were sooooo not in the flow of things yet, so it’s a bit painful to listen to, buuuuut the topic is pretty hilarious, so we still think it’s worth a listen. 

Episode 3

Beauty and The Bleep Exposed – You hear about peeing into red solo cups, the best popcorn topping recipe, and fast food. Pro tip for 2020: use the ChikFilA mobile app. It really takes fast food up a notch. 

Episode 4

Tat for Tit – Well, we learned about nipple tattoos, but the most important topic we reflected on here is that Mel still hasn’t received a decent back rub. Enter…temporary nipple tattoos…? This is in the works, and Mel really thinks it might make Tyler laugh hard enough that he provides her with a pity back rub. Stay tuned.

Episode 5

Shades of Grey’s – Snooze fest, unless you love Greys, too, in which case this one will be your jam.

Episode 6

Kill Yourself With Kindness – So here’s where the weirdness started to really creep in to our episodes. No, peeing in a solo cup isn’t the most normal thing in the world, but this is where our dog food challenge originated. And then all of a sudden we were like ooookay, we have no clue where this is going but let’s just roll with it. 

Episode 7

Get It Together Lady: The Lost Episode – Mel tells the story of accidentally rolling down her window while in a car wash and discusses all of the other dumb shit she does. Nothing has changed. She hasn’t learned her lesson. She still thinks she makes, what she believes to be, thoughtful decisions in the moment, which then blow up in her face. Ashley does the same. Tyler is perfect, obviously.

Episode 8

We at What? – So yes. Here’s the dog food. We still need to get it together and edit that video. We will someday, soonish, we promise. But for now, enjoy these two photos.


And also…our “theme song” starts to emerge here, so listen close! 

Episode 9

Adulting is Great, Said No One Ever – We were supposed to discuss the reasons being an adult is overrated, but it really just turned into another episode about our epic failures. The photos are better than the audio for this one. Definitely peek at the photos.

Episode 10

Pitfall of Perfection – We are starting to find our groove. Sometime in August we decided to take the approach of “Oh, that could be silly, or fun, or funny, or whatever. So we’re doing it!” 

Episode 11

Morning Routines – In this episode Mel intended to ask Ashley and Tyler what they do each morning to set themselves up for success. But that’s certainly not how it went. Instead we ended up with a list of our favorite products, like we’re Oprah or something. 

Episode 12

We’re Fucking Crazy, Apparently – This is amazing because there has finally been “acceptance” of the theme song. Oh, and the couples Afrin injection is here, too.

Episode 13

Bears Don’t Have Shit On Ute Ute Utah – This one one of Mel’s favorite episodes to record because there was absolutely no purpose to it other than ranting about her Utah trip, and the other two laughing at her.

Episode 14

He Touched My Inner Thai – Ashley set Mel up for success, (or failure, depending on how you look at it) with a surprise Thai massage given by a very sexy man. It was right around this time that she decided to just start throwing random shit at Mel and Ty to see how they’d respond. (See Episode 17)

Episode 15

The One That Went Off The Rails – We had the best of intentions. Mel wanted to try this TikTok dance challenge and discuss it, but we never got around to it. Also, until this very moment we never posted the damn video. We still firmly believe that this is the best episode to start with if you’re just meeting us for the first time. 

Episode 16

What Would Thanksgiving be Without Xylophones? – or as Mel likes to call it “The Ashley Episode.” She just lets loose, really shows her true colors, gets super silly, aaaaand introduces her xylophone for a game of Name That Tune. The xylophone stuck around. 

Episode 17

Leaving 2019 Behind – our asses haven’t been the same since. That’s all there is to say about that.

Looking Forward to Season 2

Stay tuned for:

  • Guests
  • An official ending 
  • Potential Glockenspiel Duets
  • AND A TRIP TO ALASKA (Yes, that’s right. Beauty and The Bleep are taking on Alaska. Well, really Tyler’s family is taking on Alaska, and Beauty and The Bleep are tagging along. But whatever. WE’RE GOING TO ALASKA!)


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