Leaving 2019 (And Season 1!) BEHIND

January 10, 2020 | By Tyler Lucas



Season One, Done!

Welcome to the last episode of 2019, and the final episode of season one. If you’ve been around since the beginning, thanks for sticking with us! If you’re new, welcome to the shit show!

More Music, and Foraged

During our last episode Ashley made her Xylophone debut, which we continue to discuss in this episode. So before you go any further, we highly recommend at least taking a peak at the videos.

And if there was ever any question about how much we love the food and adore the people at foraged, I think it’s answered in this episode. Although, I’m not quite sure whether Ashley’s serenade of the kitchen staff helped or hurt us when it comes to our favorite meal of the month. TBD, I guess.

We did each get a (signed!) tin of chocolate chip cookies at our December dinner, though. So, I suppose the musical number couldn’t have been too bad.

Putting Our Best Butts Forward

The Beaut is at it again with her crazy ideas. This time I was in on the surprise, and it was a good one. Merry Christmas, Tyler. You get an ass mask.

Because I know my husband so well, I can anticipate his objections to anything spontaneous, such as applying an ass mask and then recording a podcast episode. Therefore, I attempted to prepare for them in advance. If we wanted him to wear a butt mask while we recorded, he would need something protect his belongings from the mask. No way would he consider getting glitter on a pair of old pants or the chair cushion. Therefore, he got this elastic-waisted towel from Amazon as a part of the butt mask gift pack.

Oh, and we have our very first Beauty and The Bleep giveaway!!! You’ll have to listen to learn how to enter. (Hint: I tell you at about the 9 minute mark.)

Alright, enough about the ass masks for now. But please, check out @baudy_beauty on IG for a good scroll.

To Resolve or Not To Resolve

None of us are really New Year’s Resolutioners, but we all like reflection and goals.

Tyler liked the direction 2019 took him and wants to continue along the same path – keep making strides at work while taking time to travel a bit more. Dare I say…my husband is finally starting to see value in this whole work/life balance thing? We’ll have to keep a close eye on this one to see if he’s singing the same tune when we set our “equinoxial” goals in the spring.

I worked hard in 2019 to set healthy boundaries for myself. Moving forward I’d like to make this more of a habit than an “event.” Oh, and train our dog, seven years later.

Ashley has been working on her negative self talk – thanks in part to our epsiode on being kind to ouselves. She’s found that less negative self-talk leads to letting her guard down and being comfortable just being herself. We’ve all benefitted from this, I think. Xylophone serenade and ass masks on air. Need I say more?

Talk Nice to Me, Baby!

So, being kind to ourselves has led to so much amazingness. Much more laughter, confidence, and contentment all around. Be kind to yourself, people. Please!!!

The Big Reveal

Are our butt cheeks plumper, tighter, and more hydrated? Hit play to hear the verdicts.

BTW – the audio of my and Tyler’s butt mask reveals is one of my favorite recordings ever.

We have photos, but honestly you guys, we just could not bring ourselves to post them. We were very unprepared for pictures and didn’t think ahead when taking them. I can’t speak for the other two, but there was one mask per cheek, leaving the crack just…there…in the middle…and I really can’t get behind purposely posting my butt crack online for all to see.

So use your imagination – or don’t (we won’t blame you there). You can also check out Bawdy’s Instagram page for reference photos. Then you might see why we don’t blame you for skipping the imagination part.  

That’s All Folks

What an ending. As always. Please stay tuned for an 2019 ending mashup.



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