Morning Routines

October 25, 2019 | By Tyler Lucas



Kill Them With Kindness…or Not.

As per usual we ended our last episode with a challenge for one another. I challenged all of us to go out of our way to do something extra-kind for another person. And as per usual, I can’t say it really had the impact we wanted it to, so we are putting this genius “challenge” idea on the back burner for a little while. Here’s how it went, though: 

Tyler copped out, again. Laaaame-oooooo. (Although he did help some people out, so that worked out well for them.)

Ashley, on the other hand really went above and beyond. She was kind…at the Airport! Who does that??

I was able to fulfill a lifelong desire to help someone out in a very particular way, and I didn’t get murdered in the process.


Shonda Rhimes is Our Person

So, of course we had to celebrate the Grey’s Season 16 Premier with a premier party.

I use the term “party” very loosely. Seriously what do you expect from two mega introverts? It was us and one other friend…with tequila and cereal…and hot dogs.

Our Grey’s fans will understand why that’s appropriate. For the rest of you, we recommend you get with the program. Seriously. But if Grey’s isn’t, and will never be, your thing see below. 


Routines Rock

You know, we all seem to think that life is getting a little bit better. Not that it was bad before, but all three of us had been feeling a little off kilter recently. Now, we’re all in our routines, and things are pretty darn good. TBH we aren’t sure which is chicken or egg – getting into a routine or feeling better about life – but as Tyler says “They’re both delicious, so who cares?”

Peppered in along with our banter, I think there are some valuable nuggets in here. So take what you can and leave what you can’t. And laugh along with us in between.

Tyler: Efficient, Yet Particular

If this episode taught us nothing, it’s that Tyler should host Straight Eye for the Queer Guy. Also, he’s the Rachel to Beauty and Bleep’s Phoebe:

This takes him no more than thirty five minutes (aka the length of time I spend in the shower!).

    • Look at calendar
    • Check weather
    • Lay out all products and leave drawer open
    •  Shower
    • Do hair – this is a serious situation, obviously.
    • Get dressed
  • Say individual goodbyes to wife and all pets
  • Pack up
  • Peace out



Ashley: It Starts With Sleep

So Ashley’s morning routine is almost as quick as Tyler’s, albeit a little less structured. But what sets her apart from most is how freaking structured her sleep routine is! She needs the following for a good night’s sleep (which leads to a good morning): 

  • Eye covers
  • Fifteen bazillion pillows
  • One fan on either nightstand
  • Grey’s on the TV

One thing I took away from Ashley’s routine is that she preps her lunchbox for the day while her coffee is brewing. What a great use of a few extra moments. I usually spend it staring into space or petting my cats. Score one efficiency point for the beauty over here!

Ashley might be the fastest showerer I know. She is in and out in 7-10 minutes. We don’t have specifics for her, like we did Tyler, because she’s not nearly as psycho about her shower products as he is. But, we do have a link to her pink turban-style hair towel in case you want to check it out.

Her post-shower products, on the other hand, she is pretty serious about. 

Then she’s dressed and out the door.

I just don’t get it. 


Melissa: I Have All The Time In The World, Right?

My routine isn’t necessarily specific, but it tends to include the following, in this general order:

  • Let dog out and feed him breakfast
  • Make coffee
  • Feed stray, feral cats breakfast
  • Feed indoor cats breakfast
  • Pick up kitchen and/or living room
  • Take a nice long steam shower with essential oils
    • I, too, use a hair turban instead of shower cap
    • Brush teeth
    • Drink coffee and listen to book on tape or podcast
    • Use Crayola bathtub crayons to document all thoughts that come to mind 
    • Eventually get around to actually showering
    • Stand around thinking again, probably use crayons some more
    • Turn off shower
    • Take photo of crayon notes
    • Wipe crayon notes off walls
  • Put dog out to get fresh air
  • Get dressed, including random wedges so I can see myself in the mirror
  • Hair and makeup
  • Make bed
  • Let dog back in so he doesn’t feel like he’s been left alone all morning before I leave.
  • Pack up for work
  • Let dog out again to pee one last time so I don’t stress about his bladder while I’m at work
  • Say goodbye to all animals
  • Leave and hope I didn’t forget anything


Step it up

So like I said, no more challenges. But we did each come up with something that we think would take our mornings to the next level: 

  • Tyler – Cardio
  • Ashley – Not snoozing
  • Mel – Meditation and no phone in bed

Who here thinks that will actually happen?? Guess you’ll have to check in next time to find out. 


BTW – we shared our favorite products via Amazon’s affiliate program. If you happen to purchase one of these life-changing items (seriously, those shower crayons are where it’s at!), we’ll get some small commission…or something…I think. Your cost doesn’t change, though. I promise. It’s all new to us, so we’re not quite sure how it works, but we do know any commission is going straight back into producing this podcast. 

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