The One That Went Off The Rails

December 2, 2019 | By Tyler Lucas



You know how sometimes you sit down with your best friend and she tells a funny story, which reminds you of a funny story which reminds her of a funny story, and it just continues like that for hours? Yeah. That’s this episode.

We zigged. we zagged. We discussed everything except what we intended to. But we definitely had fun!

First – Beauty Tips

Mel’s human beauty tip: try dry brushing and evening primrose oil

Ashley’s dog beauty tip: use this shower attachment to bathe your pup.  


Ice Bucket Challenge

This video is classic Tyler. Mel’s video seems to have been lost forever.

Okay, and then…

We Don’t. Know What. To Say.

Basically we act like we’re fucking experts in everything from MySpace to Disney Sing A Longs, and are BFFs with both Gary Vee and Mark Zuckerberg.

Then somehow we take a hard right turn into the sex talks we received as young adults (or in Mel’s case, a child), at which point Tyler cuts us off because he “had to leave in fifteen minutes.” AKA he just couldn’t take it anymore.

Maybe Next Time

Hopefully you’ll get to see our ridiculous TikTok dance video and learn about all of this amazing insight Mel claims to have for you.

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