We’re F*%&king Crazy, Apparently

November 7, 2019 | By Tyler Lucas


So in this episode…

Tyler injects me with Afrin.


We went camping. 


My fear of bears is no joke. And our dog kind of looks like a bear. 


Perhaps bears aren’t that scary. 


In the end we learned: 

  • DO NOT give Ashley weed.
  • Logic always wins (unless you’re high Ashley).
  • As per usual, Tyler is perfect. (Gag me.)
  • A practical way to talk yourself through your crazy:
    • Is this a real problem in the real world right now? 
    • Is there anything I can do about it?
  • There are several ways to manage anxiety.
    • Logic 
    • Exposure 
    • Knowledge
    • Mindfulness

So there you have it. Beauty and The Bleep are kinda crazy, but we own that shit, and we figure out how to work our way through it (unless you’re high Ashley).

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