What Would Thanksgiving Be Without Xylophones?

December 13, 2019 | By The Bleep


Right off the bat, Ashley played name that tune. And at exactly one minute in, I figured out what she was playing. We’re interested to see if anyone else knows where this tune is from, or if, once again, we’re in our own little Beauty and The Bleep world over here. So please, please, even if you only listen for one minute and five seconds, click play and then let us know if you recognize it.
Apparently there was a performance on Thanksgiving Day as well. 
BONUS: There was more xylophone excitement after we recorded!
Immediately after turning off the mics we headed out for our monthly dinner at our favorite restaurant, foraged. We mentioned foraged in the vagina steaming episode. We’ve been going with the same group of friends, every month, for almost two years. The food is amazing, obviously. Or else why would we keep going back? Plus the chef/owner, front of house manager, and entire staff are truly the best.
There’s a point to this story. Ashley brought the xylophone with her. Not only did she play a little tune for the kitchen after dinner, but she also took requests and figured out how to play new songs on the fly (such as the theme to Jurassic Park).
The rest of the restaurants patrons weren’t quite sure what to think, but the foraged team seemed to really enjoy it! 
Post musical interlude, we get into Thanksgiving and discuss what we’re thankful for. Cute, right? 
Oh, and what’s better than sharing thanks? Sharing how to use dog training techniques to get your husband to do what you want! This has been working wonderfully for us over here at Bleep Central. You’re welcome in advance!
Alright. We might be a bit goofy. But. Truly, we are so thankful for you, all of our awesome listeners, and your support. Oh, and of course for our one viewer, Ashley’s mom.
Happy Holidays!

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